Goal Setting Tips For A Better New Year's Resolution

I don't have a list of to do and not to do for 2012. I only focus on things which I can accomplish and act on them.


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Probably, we always would like to have a healthy and wealthy new year. I don't want to make any promises to myself, Because I don't want to break my own promises LOL

Here's what I got on how you can set your  goals for this year. I know everyone is busy making their own list.

  • Be honest about what you really want.

  • Don't be afraid to think big, sometimes there's nothing wrong of dreaming high (nga naman!) And also What would you do if you know you could fail it? (set alternatives!)

  • Mark Dates on your Calendar. Plan ahead of time on the things you would like to accomplish.

  • Start With small tasks/ and add up achieving your biggest dreams, from there, you can chunk down your goals (right!)

  • And lastly, Get some help like talking to your friends, advices from your family or seek professional help (what?)


Have a blessed New Year and Thank you for supporting the blogosphere.




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