From Siri to Ate Vangie, How About Google Voice Search Results on TV?

I'm just curious on how will Google will beat Siri. Let's say we are searching for something and the results will be shown on our Television screens? Why not?

Television Remote Control Data Transfer
Invented by Pierre-Yves Laligand, John H. Grossman, IV, Alok Chandel, Michael J. LeBeau
Assigned to Google
US Patent Application 20110313775
Published December 22, 2011
Filed: May 19, 2011

A computer-implemented method for information sharing between a portable computing device and a television system includes receiving a spoken input from a user of the portable computing device, by the portable computing device, submitting a digital recording of the spoken query from the portable computing device to a remote server system, receiving from the remote server system a textual representation of the spoken query, and automatically transmitting the textual representation from the portable computing device to the television system.

The television system is programmed to submit the textual representation as a search query and to present to the user media-related results that are determined to be responsive to the spoken query.



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