Goodbye Snaptu!

It was reported that Snaptu (a Facebook app for feature phones) is closing down effectively on December 26.

As written on the Snaptu Blog, it said:
On Dec 26th we will be closing the Snaptu service.
We’ve put a lot of hard work and exercised great focus in order to build Snaptu. To do something really well one has to focus, and now that we’re part of Facebook we are doing just that – we are focusing on Facebook for Every Phone.

Facebook for Every Phone is still in its early stages and there’s much more to do. Our goal is to build an amazing app, one that doesn’t require a fancy phone, but will still provide millions of people around the world with great new ways to connect and interact with their friends.

We hope that you enjoyed Snaptu and we thank you again for your support.

Just last month, Snaptu also discontined support for Twitter, Crcinfo and LinkedIn

(source: webpronews)


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