Managing Online Reputation

Have you encountered searching for your name and suddenly you'll read a negative feedbacks from other internet users like in blog comments, Facebook status or tweets? Somehow, you are a victim of 'cyber bullying,' how can you check if your name on Google will display a positive results? Start typing your name and check if there are corresponding negative keyword. After that, check on the results if these are aggressive or how bad it is. Then, analyze how you are similar with other brands or companies that have associated with negative terms and think of a proactive strategy.

Last time, a webinar was conducted for Online Reputation Crisis Management featuring Christopher Lao

Generally, 90% trust online recommendations from people they know and 70% trust opinions of unknown users they have never met.
Where can you find these results?
-Social Media
-SERPs (Search Engine Results)
-Hate Websites
-Location based sites example foursquare
-Social bookmarking sites
(source: searchenginejournal)

  • How to get positive reviews from others?

  • Identify your potential customers

  • Let them rate you or your products

  • Create relationship, build friendship and understand their needs

  • Brainstorm with your team on how they affect the situation (emotionally)

  • Your team must understand what they are doing, check on how they communicate with your customers

  • Continue monitoring

10 ways to destroy your reputation


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