Builds Social Responsibility at the New Sim City

The reason why I always stay late at night is because am playing Sims through Facebook :) I missed playing the PC versions. I cannot remember when was the last time I played Sims 4.

The game, Sim City wherein you are building houses and making you feel realistic at home is now working with another new game. This time according to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco said they would include "current-day speed with environment issues affecting construction and mayors dealing with climate change, renewable energy and natural disasters as they build their cities"

Player can freely choose whether to make his/her town economically reliant on coal mining or put up a hospital building to keep residents from getting sick.

"The choices that you make will affect the lives of the Sims who are there, and you might start to see some residents protesting at City Hall."Lucy Bradshaw, senior vice president of gamemaker Electronic Arts' Maxis Label

And the neighbors (players) can be affected side by side and compete for the rankings of being the greenest, dirtiest and fittest or the best city to live.
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