Ella Chen of SHE: Flew to Guam via Hello Kitty Plane

S.H.E. member Ella Chen will be tying the knot with her Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai on May 5.

On the day of their departure, Ella and Hebe, who boarded the Hello Kitty private jet for the first time, were excited to see all the adorable accessories.

"This is our first time going to Guam and taking a Hello Kitty plane. It felt like we've become cute as well since everything from food to utilities consists of these irresistible Hello Kitty products. It's so romantic," the pair gushed.

When the air stewardess gave Ella with a pink Hello Kitty apron, used by the flight's stewardesses, the singer immediately put it on and joked, "Wearing it this way (over her clothes) is not sexy at all because the apron hides everything. Maybe I can wear nothing but this (the apron) privately?"

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