Relive my childhood with Susy and Geno

Summer is not only the perfect time to be reunited with your family and friends; It is also a good opportunity for your kids to send them to summer clinics for them to spend the vacation time productive and memorable. I remembered those summer times when Mommy brought us to malls to attend different activities organized by Sustagen. Yes, Kuya and I were proud 'club' members. There were fun activities like drawing, board games, dance games and a lot more. The most thing I remembered was Susy and Geno sent birthday cards to all 'month'celebrants and we were invited to attend the monthly parties organize by the number one health drink for the kids. Unfortunately, I lost all those memorabilias (photos, cards, stickers) because my stuffs were gone.

That was almost two decades ago. Until I've read something online, wherein Susy is looking for Geno. They lost in touch through the years. Cyberspace helped Susy to send massive messages to Facebook, a social networking site to get in touch with your friends & relatives despite of the distance. I even saw blog posts helping Susy. Awww, that was so touchy!

Last Sunday, March 11. Supporters of Susy and Geno were flocked together wishing to see Geno. There were also Sustagen booth giving free samples. Geno did showed up at the Market! Market! and brought flowers for Susy. That was a remarkable experience. Two friends reunited; proving that they missed each other. My favorite mascots are now back; Hoping for more activities organized by Sustagen.

If you would like to follow what will happen next, join them at their fanpage at

Are you also a Sustagen Kid? Why don't you post a comment and let us reminisce those 'sustagen club' experiences.

Photo credits from the Facebook Page of Help Susy find Geno :)



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