Skin care tips from Georgina Wilson

How to fight six skin problems? Each one of us were also feel concious on our pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, enlarged pores, impurities and unevenness.

We've meet Georgina Wilson, a model TV host that also experienced the same thing. Nobody's perfect :) That night, Georgina felt embarassed when she used to put toothpaste over her pimple because she thought it would dry out easily. As one of the IT girl we know, Georgina also believes what's good for your skin and how you can win these six signs of skin problems.

As a brand ambassador, her duty is not only to pose on the posters but also to educate all Filipinos on how important to take care of our skin. Mostly on youth, as they reach the adolescene age - pimples were prone (I had the same problems too during Highschool). Garnier did several school visits, mall tours and even you can ask questions via Twitter and get the answer in real time.

Garnier would always wanted to bring out the natural beauty in anyone no matter what the age or lifestyle. Their products were also specialized and formulated for Asian Skin.

“Growing up, I would always get a huge pimple because my skin is dry. I felt so embarrassed when I used to put toothpaste over it because I thought it would dry out the pimple,” shared Georgina Wilson, as she talked about her experiences as a young woman. This ‘it’ girl, like you, has also experienced skin problems. However, she believes that with the available skin care options today, we can win against skin problems like pimples. She stated, “This is not a solitary struggle. Everyone has gone through it. And there are things you can do. You can help yourself, especially in taking care of your skin.”

To continue the fight against skin problems, Georgina, together with Garnier, launched its Pure Active range that actively fights the six skin problems: pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, enlarged pores, impurities, and unevenness.

Guests enjoyed active and skin-centric activities during the launch of the new Garnier Pure Active line, as they wrote their own personal “take care promises” on the Google Map check-in inspired wall, while others crafted their “pimple statement” shirts at the Pure Active T-Shirt station. They were also able to get their pictures taken in the very innovative photo booth with flipbooks prints, a series of still pictures printed on separate sheets of paper that are stacked together and, when flicked through rapidly enough, give the impression of moving images.

Garnier PureActive Unveiled

Garnier PureActive’s breakthrough formula consists of a combination of two powerful acne-fighting ingredients – Purifying Salicylic Acid with proven anti-bacterial properties, and Natural HerbaRepairTM from blueberry extracts, which helps repair and regenerate the skin to prevent scarring. Clinically tested on acne prone skin, the line works immediately on imperfections and delivers multi-action benefits from day one.

Garnier Pure Active range in the country consists of two products:

Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll On

Concentrated with 2%salicylic acid, the new Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll-On immediately dries pimple and reduce acne spots. The revolutionary metal roller-ball immediately helps relieve pimples without having to touch the pimple itself, while its compact size is convenient to carry around your bag.

Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub

Enriched with powerful anti-bacterial active with repairing properties and microbeads, the new Garnier Pure Active Scrub actively fights the 6 skin problems so you can say adieu to pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, enlarged pores, impurities and unevenness.

Garnier PureActive is available in all major supermarkets, department stores and drug stores across the Philippines.

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