Memory "name" gap game

I admit, there were times that I often forgot the name/s of people I meet. There are moments that I couldn't remember at all even I just meet them 10 minutes after. If you are one of us, then let us check out these strategies for keeping names.

Think of how much better an impression you can draw attention when people remember your name? Its really embarassing when we bumped a person who didn't remember our name. what to do? pay attention to the person's name the first time you hear it. got it? its true. If you would like to ask them to repeat the name, they think you're not paying attention but others would feel flattered. Always remember the person's name the first time you hear it.

Also, once you've heard their names probably you just ended up talking to someone who you knew for a long time. Don't be shy to repeat their name, ask them about anything that is connected with the venue or activity, discover things you have in common. Look on the person directly and ensure that you've ask for a business card or jot their names on your address notebook. If they have a blog or social network accounts; immediately logon on your smartphones or laptops and ask a permission to view their profile.

Sometimes, we rarely introduce the person to others. most of the times we ended up the conversation immediately after the quick introduction. A good way to reinforce that name is to introduce the person to other people. Invite the person to join you on the rest of the event. Remember to share a seat and win a friend.

Lastly, It's okay if you forgot someone else's name. Don't be afraid to approach the person and introduce yourself.


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