Who is your inner goddess? - Quiz from Female Network

Take this quiz and find out who is your inner goddess?


Quiz Result:
You are ARTEMIS!
Like the huntress goddess renamed Diana by the Romans, you are quick of wit, not to mention quick on your feet. You love a challenge and have a fierce competitive spirit. However, you are also fiercely loyal to those who’ve earned your trust, and you frequently find yourself in the role of cheerleader—helping others believe in themselves is a gift you have.

Professionally, you are a demanding leader, but you require more of yourself than of anyone else, so you earn your colleagues’ and superiors’ respect very quickly. Precision, skill, and efficiency are your bywords, and if you or your team is unable to deliver on these, you’ll keep everyone trying to until you get it right. It’s likely others see you as being on the fast track to success.

While your intense focus and hyper-alertness serves you well at work, you should learn to temper this in your personal life. No one enjoys being scrutinized all the time by a friend or family member. Also, the way you focus on an issue can lead you blind to other points, so try to keep an open mind at all times. And while truth or dare may be your favorite game as well as the attitude you take toward life, remember that this might not be comfortable for others.


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