Friday Night Dinner at Mr Kurosawa

I thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday. I was so busy with my endeavors and moved all my schedule of meet ups on weekend. Last Friday, it was a surprise gathering of few people I love. Despite of the 'busy schedules' we agreed to meet and had dinner, just like what we were doing for the past few months - the laughter, stories and adventures were endless.

I arranged the dinner and decided to invite them to Mr Kurosawa. I've checked the menu online and saw the 'big servings' category. Since my allergy attacked few months ago, I am afraid of eating 'seafoods, chicken, grilled, and sushi' - I am not a killjoy, so I challenged myself to eat grilled tuna belly, ebi tempura, chicken yakitori!

"BOX - OFFICE HIT - Php 1,588"
meat fried rice, ebi tempura, stuffed eggplant, grilled tuna belly, beef teppan, chicken yakitori, yasai itame, dynamite roll
-the set meal is good for 3-4 persons

The night ended strolling around Eastwood City. We saw these 'statue mimes' who were so 'fun' to be with.

Bumble Bee also greeted me on that night, together with his boss - Optimus :)

Had  the great time, thank you my friends. Let's plan our summer getaway! Yeah!


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