Cher Lloyd: Swagger Jagger

Auditioned for the X Factor twice, Cher Lloyd loves performing onstage finishing 4th place in the 7th series of the reality talent search.

Her debut single, Swagger Jagger was released in June 2011 and made it on the charts both in UK Singles Chart and Irish Singles Charts.

Press Release

Includes the hits “Swagger Jagger”, “With Ur Love”, “Want U Back” and more!

The first thing most people want to know about Cher Lloyd is, ‘What does the music sound like?’ Then it’s ‘What’s she really like?’ To kill the proverbial bird with the proverbial stone, it/ she is dynamic, determined, funny, outspoken, totally inimitable, incredibly astute and really very enjoyable to spend time with. Creating an album that quite brilliantly yet succinctly defines her multi-faceted personality, the as-yet-untitled debut delivers on both upbeat pop smashes and punchy urban panache.

After coming fourth on the most talked about TV talent show of all time, Cher was soon snapped up by Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco. But rather than propel her down an obvious pop route, they encouraged Cher to follow her musical instincts. This was, after all, the girl who performed Keri Hilson’s version of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” for her initial audition, before bringing down the house later in the series with “Stay” by Shakespeare’s Sister. Far from obvious choices. To date, Cher’s version of “Swag” has had over 30 million views on Youtube. Indeed, she already has a huge following; following X-Factor, Cher has become one of, if not the most talked about people from the show. With over 400,000 followers on Twitter, around 60 million views on Youtube, the cover of RWD magazine and features in fashion bible Wonderland, Cher is undoubtedly the poster child for alternative urban pop this summer. Balancing the fine line between commercial and credible, the genre-baiting, tempo-twisting first single, “Swagger Jagger”, with its nagging nursery rhyme motif, euphoric airhorns and playfully assertive wordplay, introduces Cher as someone who might have one eye on the charts but who is also unafraid to experiment.

The diverse and imaginative album features collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Mike Posner and new British rapper Dot Rotten. She has also worked with acclaimed writer/ producer Max Martin (Britney Spears, Pink) and established hitmakers including The Runners (Rick Ross, Rihanna), Kevin Rudolph (Lil Wayne, Timbaland), RedOne (Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger), as well as Emelie Sandé, who has written with Professor Green and Wiley

“Each and every track is different; it’s just a massive amount of variety,” Cher decides. “It’s like I’ve got a music box and there’s wild things popping out all over the place. You could describe it as ‘Swag Pop’, but I’d also describe it as ‘Grit-Ya-Teeth’ as well,” she laughs.

Born in Malvern, Worcs, Cher had a tough time at school; she was bullied and as a result, constantly in trouble with teachers. Her family also struggled financially, yet Cher was raised in a loving environment which has helped her battle through any negative press that might get slung her way. “I’ve been through a lot, so many things to get to this position,” she points out. “But now here I am. I’m still that same chick I was a year ago. I don’t go out and brag about some big, high position I’m in,” she insists. For Cher Lloyd, it is quite genuinely all about the music; her biggest ambition is to carve herself a niche within the overpopulated pop-esphere and judging by early reactions to "Swagger Jagger" she's more than achieved that. “I just wanted to make sure my music was completely different to everyone else’s . It’s sort of simple really; I had a vision and that vision has become reality now.”

Cher Lloyd – Sticks + Stones is available in music stores nationwide, for only Php430, exclusively under Ivory Music & Video, the licensee of Sony Music in the Philippines.

To get Cher Lloyd on your moibile, text CHER to 3456. Open to Globe and Smart subscribers only, standard rates apply. You can get Cher Lloyd’s songs online, just visit

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