Know Why You're Talking

“Why are you creating? Good content always has an objective; it’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.” -Handley, Chapman, and Scott, Content Rules


Figuring out what your blog is all about? It can be all about you, your experiences, a business, products or about any service. Defining a purpose for your blog will give you an insight and good direction on how you are going to reach your readers, and what you would like to write for them.

Here are the takeaways that you need to solve

  • Know your reader's interest

  • Ask yourself, check on the main problems why you had small amount of readers

  • Are your topics broad? or Is it searchable. Try browsing it and try for yourself. If you see your website on the first page of Google Search, job well done. If not, analyze what's wrong with your post.

  • Provide an answer to the solution, let your readers understand how you were able to deal with it. Set recommendations. Give specific details, and provide resources for additional answers.

  • Don't stressed your readers. It doesn't depend on the length of your contents. Just focus on how you can able to target you reader's interest to stay longer on your website.

Let your blog to serve your readers and build relationship towards them. In fact, valuing one's comment is like appreciating a friend who visited you in your workplace.

So, add fuel to your blog!

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