Fun facts about fireworks

We're doing our own reports about the recent Pyromusical last weekend at SM Mall of Asia, and seemed that the words weren't enough to express what we felt last time while watching the two countries' fireworks presentation - China and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, as I collate all photos, videos and information. Here is something for you to discover about Fireworks.

  • They said fireworks were invented more than 2000 years ago in China

  • 90% of all fireworks were orginated and supplied from the said Country.

  • It said that fireworks scare off evil spirits and promote prosperity.

  • The term firework is Japanese is hanabi which actually means 'fire flower'

  • Fireworks were used for centuries in ancient Indian and Thai religious ceremonies. Some of the rockets were 8-10 feet long and were attached to bamboo sticks that were 40 feet high.

  • The first fireworks recorded in America were set off by an Englishman, Captain John Smith, famous in the story of Pocahontas.

And the rest of facts were from


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