A sexy smile and Samsung Notebook series 9

They said first impression lasts. And some said it was true, one great thing when you were introduced to someone is to notice how they acknowledge your presence and of course, you will talk about on how they smiles. Although, researchers said that you can easily get hire when you're applying for a job if you smile sincerely when the time you talk to the employer. Others said that many would dream to have a perfect and sexy smile that is why they are willing to spend thousands of $ to improve and whiten their teeth.

Having a sexy smile also boost your self confidence. That is why celebrities keep that advantage to flash their sexy white smile on screen. And as we all know, that simple smile can make you even feel good esp during those bad days.

How often do you smile? From now on, go infront of the mirror and practice that sweet and sexy smile.
Now, Being sexy doesn't mean to be physically fit as Samsung unveiled its sexiest promo in Facebook. Redifining the word "sexy" with the Samsung Series 9's sexy street style. So, you would love to own this sexiest notebook ever promoted online? Read the mechanics below and start your own definition of being 'sexy.'

Join a fashionable promo for all you stylish folk and get a chance to win a Samsung Notebook Series 9 and designer dresses from Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, and Randy Ortiz!

The steps to winning are quite simple. All you have to do is:
1. Register on Samsung Notebook Series 9: Sexy Street Style Facebook fanpage.
2. Upload a stylish photo in of yourself that defines what sexy for you is.
3. Write about your personal definition of sexy.
4. Ask your friends to vote for your sexy photo entry.
5. Make it your profile picture in Facebook
6. Sexiest photos get a chance to win either a Samsung Notebook Series 9or a Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, or Randy Ortiz designer wear.

Samsung Notebook Series 9 Product Specs:

* Ultra Slim Profile at 0.64”
* Lightweight Body at 2.86lbs.
* Stunning display at 400NIT
* Intel Core i5-2537M Processor
* (1.40GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 3MB cache memory)
* Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
* 4GB DDR3 Memory
* 128GB Solid State Drive
* 13.3-inch LED Hi-Definition (400NIT, Non-Gloss) Screen with SuperBrightPlus Technology
* Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Hi-Definition Webcam
* Built-in Bluetooth Version 3.0 Hi-Speed
* Chargeable 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, MicroSD Card Slot
* Surround Sound 3D Sound Effect
* Arch Flow Design, Black Chassis, Made from Duralumin (2x Stronger than Aluminum)
* 3 Years Warranty (1 Year International, 2 Years Local)

Samsung Notebook Series 9 SRP: PHP 79,900.00
Available in retail outlets nationwide.

Here's a clip from the event launch and the guests own definition of being ' SEXY '


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