I miss blogging!

That is right. I'm having a hard time nowadays to update online!

I'm so hectic and I have to resked everything specially when I received invitation (thanks po for keeping me busy!)

Me and my friend were working on something that is really surprising. We couldn't believe that we are going to pursue this one but I hope everything will go smoothly.

Have you seen Thor? If not, you better go out and watch it! Keep yourself updated from the latest flicks and the storyline is really good! I'll blog more after this week (Sigh, I really need to have enough time to rest and to blog, can't we just blog and rest at the same time? just kidding)

Here's some of the photos I've taken today. Me and my friend went to an ocular inspection for an event in The Grove. As promised that everything will be confidential, I cannot help myself to publish some of the photos (event? its a secret project lol not blogging related).

Afterwards we hang out at Burgos Circle in Global City. We had a taxi joyride around Global City and Mc Kinley Road (we got lost, in short!)...While we were waiting for our big boss, Az - we had our late snacks at Wham! and Namaste Indian Resto

So, what keeps you busy nowadays? Are you preoccupied with work or something? You can share it here on my blog by posting your comments. Or even if you miss me so much, try to leave a message here -- I'm happy to see your comments.

Note to myself: write about ---

Kenny Rogers Roasters Blogger Event
My Holy Week Diary
Thor Movie
World Bloggers day offline event in Manila

And many more!


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