Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

First Class: Highest Rate of Service
Let us first check on the definition according to our best friend, Webster.

Being in a first class means of the best or highest rank; a first rate, made from excellence. In an organization, building brand is important to deliver the best service to your customers. Thus, an effort should be made to spread the news of the products or services they offer to the consumers. A first class service means delivering the unique style of your brand according to its highest standards. You must always practice the core values in your company in order to develop an excellent performance in all your endeavors.

In digital marketing or internet advertising, Nuffnang is considered as Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community. Serving the blogosphere a top rated, world class, and unique style of providing online promotions to different clients without any doubt. Through their success online; Members are growing, dedicating each of their service to provide quality results to their clients, an excellent marketing strategy to enhance the interaction towards their members and clients like Hapee. We all know that Happee became our country's first product that made on the top 3 toothpaste brands in the Philippines. Also, being the most outstanding toothpaste manufacturer by the consumer's union of the Philippines for seven years. With their powerful tool, the advertisements that we saw on TV and print are showed their ways to preserve our culture and has a unique touch of responsibility as a Filipino. That made us proud to patronize our own product.

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