My Thor-ific movie experience

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This is my first time to watch at Eastwood Cinemas (in 3D!), and its a great opportunity for me to watch 'Thor' on the big screen wearing 3D glasses.

All Marvel Comics fans are definitely going to reserve their free time to watch this movie, as it was said, reached the top box office $66 million (that's how much in Philippine peso?). I am not really a good movie critic, so please, don't try to spoil my blog with some of your harsh remarks (just kidding).

Chris Hemsworth, said worked so hard on this film as 'Thor' and the epic adventures begins with him; an arrogant warrior who became reckless and forced to live among humans as his punishment. The story focused on how he learnt few good things to become a hero and fell in love with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). His father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) hopes he'll come back. You better don't get off on your seats until the end credits because there is something you have to see.

Since, I didn't get bored and sleep on the entire movie. It only means that I liked on how it was being made into a movie. If you have someone who is a big comic fan lover (like my brother), you'll never get lost on each details.


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