Discovering, Bieber

I know that there will be tons of photos and images uploaded online and through social media like twitter, facebook, tumblr and flickr. As well as clips taken by fans on Youtube.

I took videos using my two mobile phones (Samsung Corby and N70). Unfortunately, N70 captured clear audio of his performances. My friend and I agreed to stand infront of a huge LCD wall so that we can clearly see what's happening onstage since there were huge fans infront of the stage and we were standing in the middle of the venue.

Upon reviewing all clips on both handphones, oh well, this one captured my attention. Justin's yesteryears clips and his ambition of becoming an artist came true. The audience cheered and shouted his name at the end, whew, this boy admired each and everyone's heart through his talent.

If you watched Bieber's concert last night, What is your reaction right after seeing this video?

Feel free to comment below. And please, if you have something to share; post it here and i'll give credits on you.

Sorry for the inverted clip hahaha. Will try to fix the angle later. mwahahahaha


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