Bringing Coca Cola Happiness into Music Website

There is a new music website hangout for everyone! Coca cola brings you its own Music Studio website, that will heat you up this season. Featuring great and freshest sounds created by our very own talents, aiming to connect all genres to use this website as a channel to share their greatest expertise in music and also to bring happiness like what Coca Cola is giving to us.

Each episodes has a unique collaboration of different artists like Gloc- 9 X Tanya Markova and Pedicab X Yeng Constantino, Sponge Cola X JayR. Upon loggin in to the website you can also watch some interview footages and backstage clips of each episodes and the artists answered few questions like who are their music influences and how does it feel to perform with other artists and the like.

You can also catch up cool episodes that has been broadcasted few weeks ago courtesy of MYX, the official music partner of Coca Cola every 5:30 to 6pm on Sundays and replays on Tuesdays at 7:30 to 8pm.

And, you can leave your comments right after each page. There is a comment page section wherein you can post all your reactions right after watching each episodes. The good thing is that, you don't need to create a new account because you can simply use your Facebook account to be able to leave your comments.

So, for all fans of OPM aritsts; let's visit the website and enjoy great music while drinking our favorite Coca


More info,
Official Website of Coca Cola Music Studio,


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