How to organize your important papers?

You are in the middle of a business transaction and asked for your supportive records like income tax returns, banking/investment certificates, government issued clearances, insurance policies and even your proof of existence (birth certificate). You thought that everything is secured and you kept it in a place wherein you can easily reach. Unfortunately, you forgot that you left it in your kitchen table.

Learning on how to organize your papers is one good way of securing your things. After keeping it to a safe deposit box, oftentimes, you need these papers in an instant. To avoid such kind of embarassment, you should able to keep an eye on these and keep it on a location that you can easily reach.

One good thing to help you to organize your important papers is to print each copy, and have a back up on you whenever you go. Always store your papers on a clean envelope and put a label outside of it so that you would know the contents of each files in your cabinet.

How to secure the documents you need?

You are busy with your day job and you need to get these documents as soon as possible but when you reach the NSO office, its about ten minutes since they accommodated their 'last transaction' how would you feel? irritated. right? You beg hundred times but the officer said, they can't do anything about it because you arrived late. Many times, they would suggest to better call the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery hotline at 7371111 or visit the website, redirecting you to

Now, everything you need is one click away from birth, marriage, death, and cenomar. You can easily asked questions or assistance in case you have encountered any problems to your NSO documents. A safe and secured payment gateway has been implemented and you can also use your credit card or pay at authorized banks. Wait for about two days, and your documents will be delivered to you instantly!

One great thing to know about this service is the DFA passport Appointment System. To avoid long lines of waiting to renew or secure new passports, you can easily set an appointment to or call 7371000. All necessary information is posted on the website. From the guidelines, requirements, procedure and the payment scheme.

You can check below on the step by step buide in applying for your documents. Thanks to Teleserv for providing excellence service in providing all of your important documents.

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