Can you beat that heat?

Its getting hotter than what we've expected. What are your favorite 'coolest' summer items? So, where is the latest hangout for you?

Have you tried Kenny Roger's Roasters Frozen Yogurt? Sounds, cool right?

I had a chance to taste these yummy froyo during the bloggers night at Katipunan. If you are a big fan of froyo, then you better check this out.

Why froyo? because it contains 'yogurt' and lower in fat compared with regular ice cream. First introduced in New England during 70s (thanks to wikipedia for the info!), froyo has its variation on a stick covered with dark chocolate.

Choose fresh toppings like mangoes, peach, choco brownies, etc.

You'll be amazed that the large cup of froyo from Kenny Rogers cost P55 (fainting!)

And according to, froyo is said to be the latest gastronomic trends to hit the country. Proof of its popularity among Filipinos is the increase in the number of stores selling the frozen dessert.

It is also touted to strengthen the immune system and help prevent osteoporosis and ulcers as well as certain types of cancer (colon and stomach, among them). Moreover, it reputedly helps people lose weight.


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