The role of bloggers

I had a chance to meet my brothers and sisters in blogosphere (bloggers!) at World Bloggers Day, Offline Event in SM Cubao Cyberzone area. Each blogger introduced themselves and answered this beauty pageant question: what is the role (you) of bloggers. Many answered being responsible on the things that we wrote, others said it was something that you are doing right now, to post information and share it to your readers.

And my answer was: being a blogger means a lot, for starters, you have to ask yourself - what is my goal? what am blogging about? how is my blog different from others? and so forth.

There are constant changes in blogosphere, the role of a simple, humble and shy blogger turned into a open-minded, independent and resourceful ones.

You don't have to say that 'I'm just a blogger' but shout it aloud that I have taken care of all information that has given to me!

Its interesting to know that many bloggers would love to share their insights and later on brought up into a challenging conversation. Yes, sometimes we lost our patience too because we are just human beings who has feelings. We are not 'bots' that usually passes by to your blog without realizing that your post might hurt other people's feeling but because you have to speak up and do something for not only for you but also being responsibile in the community you are joining.

Controversies never die. It will always bring spice to the blogging community. If others are offensive, then some will become defensive and vice versa. It's all about opinions, my friend! Ika nga sa tagalog: patagisan na lang ng galing. kung di ka pilosopo - talo ka! (joke)

As a person, as a contributor online, you have to take care of activities you are indulging in. Learning and discovering some things is more important, always give credits and express gratitude on the people that you think helped you to grow in this field. We never stop searching for answers to some questions but instead, investigate on the other way around.

The most important part of this lesson is YOU.

Blog about what you feel. its better to write something interesting that will be useful rather than ranting about something that the world will never even care to read.

Again, know your objectives. Write about it and soon you'll discover the challenges that awaits you.

Happy Blogging!

NOTE: I would like to thank all the organizers of World Bloggers Day, SM Cubao Cyberzone, and our official snack sponsor - Mang Inasal.


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