Towards Positivity: Bringing Together 5000 JCI Delegates

Piolo Pascual's invitation to the JCI ASPAC 2011

I love the Philippines, See you in Manila! 

5000 delegates, from 20 nations, for 5 days in 1 historic city.

That's how we invite all delegates from different countries (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Mongolia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia) to come and visit the Philippines to witness the grandest event: the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference beginning today May 6 until May 29. A four day event that filled with activities and training programs ranging from Personal Development to managing your team. These meetings are also important to develop and bring together all ideas from JCI delegates and promotes positive change to their communities and entire region. The Area Conference in Manila is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a remarkable experience for all participating delegates.

The opening ceremony of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Asia-Pacific Conference will be held at the PICC through the support and help of Filipino corporations and of course our government (offices from local, national and commercial institutions)

Department of Tourism
Metro Manila Development Authority
City of Manila
City of Pasay
City of ParaƱaque
San Miguel Brewery Inc.
Casino Filipino
Sun Cellular
Asian Institute of Management

For personal development, experts from various fields will conduct a total of 31 courses, which include “Success Planning, Planning for Success “, “Recognition: The Art of Positive Reinforcement”, and the “Secret of Handling Objection Process”, at the SMX Convention Center.

For business networking, companies will showcase their products and gain international exposure in a four-day trade exhibit at the SMX Convention Center. In addition, Mercedes Benz will sponsor a golf tournament at the prestigious Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club on Saturday, where players will be able to talk business and at the same time enjoy their favorite past time.

And just as with any other JCI event, a fellowship celebration will be held at the end of each day. In these gatherings, members of different nationalities will learn more about what different cultures have to offer. The Manila Chapter will throw the first party at the Philippine International Convention Center to welcome delegates. For Friday, the Hong Kong, Korean, and Indian Chapters will host the festivity at One Esplanade; while for Saturday, the Japanese Chapter will celebrate their night at the historic Manila Hotel.

To end the event, an awards ceremony and a Gala Conference ball will be held at the SMX Convention Center on Sunday.

For more details and registration information, log on to

editor's note: thanks to JCI-Manila for inviting us to attend the media presscon yesterday held at Sofitel, Manila.


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