Measuring Social Media Success in Travel Business

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You have decided to book for a flight to any local destination and asked some of your friends on where you can search for discounts on plane tickets and hotel accommodation. Almost every information is available online, and you can easily compare the prices wherein you can find a great list of hotels, local restaurants, and even a connection to the travel agency.

All business related to traveling industry is now incorporating themselves to use social media to promote their websites, special announcements and even promos. To start with, using social media as a tool to communicate with your clients has a greater factor to measure your company's success in terms of sales and ROI.

You don't need to spam your followers with your lowest fare, unless you're offering different discounts on flights. Use of social media daily is not bad, unless you're engaging to a good conversation with your followers.

Setting aside of your time to promote an hour or two to catch up the updates and doesn't need to get connected all throughout the day, that means, you have extra time to research and work for other things you would like to improve. Think of what social media suit your business. Yes, there are choices. Check and observe which one is the best. There are several networks to choose from: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Plurk and a lot more.

A value added service is a must, do your followers return after each post?

Twitter - Make new friends, connect with locals and don't forget to follow them back. Ask for questions like where is the nearest Mall in Makati.

Facebook - Search friends by location, check your existing network and asked about different things on their area like historical places in Manila.

Foursquare - Connect through your Facebook and see who recently check in on that area. You can easily search your friends if they went to a coffee shop or currently check in at a local hotel like Eurotel in your nearest location.

Social Media, in particular, has become a a very important marketing tool for many people. For your part, it would also be a good idea to invest on this one in order to reach out on to more people. However, keep in mind that this one is not a one shot deal. You need to work a lot on this in order to maintain the amount of visitors that you got.


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