Another Summer Weekend: Jardin de Dasmarinas

So this is just a start of a 'sizzling' summer hot month! Its not too late for you to plan your summer getaway. Start browsing online and list down the places you've wanted to visit - it can be your hometown, your friend's hometown or your dream summer destination.

This time, me and my friends decided to take a short trip to Dasmarinas, Cavite. We checked the nearest resort that we can enjoy, and we've found - Jardin de Dasmarinas.

Its a simple, nature-lover, and clean resort. We arrived a little late and decided to rent a table. I also rented a locker so that we can secure our valuables. I've checked the place, and the ambiance is great. The resort crews were friendly and accommodating despite of what I've read online :)

And am so happy to see an olympic size (lap pool) swimming pool. I stayed the entire day 'swimming' and I am planning to 'swim' every weekend for an exercise (if time permits! I need to find a swimming place first).

Here are the photos inside the resort. The swim rate is affordable and we're planning to rent the 'private' area very soon so that we can enjoy spending the rest of the weekend 'swimming' overnight.


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