ESCAPE from this heat with TECHY ROMANTICS

Since June 2008, Techy Romantics has been playing the local gig circuit, infiltrating the ranks of Manila and Southeast Asia’s partyphiles, and churning track after track of the year’s most danceable tunes. No matter if you’re a rockstar, an indie enthusiast, or a socialite; you’ll find yourself entranced and electrified by the Techy Romantics sound.

Described as “edgy, dreamy, and trippy”, the music of Techy Romantics will have you in a feel-good, electro-pop frenzy, evidenced by the head-bobbing, fist-pumping, and foot-stomping commonplace among the crowds in almost all their gigs. Composed of Camyl Besinga on vocals, Ryan Villena on guitars, and Dondi Virrey on rhythm and beats, Techy Romantics was born with the simple aim of making original music available online. Relatively young in the scene, the group created songs that successfully fuse a potent mixture of new wave, rock, pop, and dance music.

With a solid following in the underground party scene and a full arsenal of guaranteed hits, Techy Romantics released their first full-length album “Touch” under Party Bear Records last December 2009.
Their second album, Escape, is described as a marriage of modern-day cool and old-fashioned vulnerability. Escape was crafted under the deft hand of producer Silverfilter. Escape’s title track pulsates with a sweeping, heart-wrenching urgency. When city nights intensify the beating of secret hearts, you can count on their songs to serve as your soundtrack.
Starting April 2012, their sophomore release, Escape, will be available in select music stores nationwide, via Ivory Music & Video, the exclusive licensee of Sony Music in the Philippines. You can also get it online at the iTunes Store or //


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