Top 10 Useful Car Gadgets For Men – Part I

When it comes to making new cars appealing, car gadgets vastly contributes to its attraction.

Though men find some car gadgets useless for them, on the other hand, there are still far more useful car gadgets. Below are some of the useful car gadgets that men prefer to have in their cars to feed their car entertainment system satisfaction.

Starlight Headlining

This can be found in Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. Men considered this very useful since they appreciate how its mood lighting fits into this. It’s pretty cool and useful that is why men love this. Its brightness can be adjusted as you desire.

Chrono Package

This is present in Porsche 911. It enables you to view both analogue and digital display and assuming you end in times you can be proud of. Men love its safety than trying to drive and bothered with a stop watch.


This is present in BMWs. This new version of iDrive really does qualify in men’s top choice for useful car gadgets. This system is now easier to navigate. Also, it is surrounded several buttons for a faster access to key info. It also comes with a controller, functions and stats which are easier to find than ever before.

Sirius Backseat TV

The Dodge Caravan has this gadget. Men love this since it can keep children from glazing inside the car. Thus men can focus on driving without distraction. This gadget provides a live broadcast of Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.


It was a great car gadget featured in Ferrari 430 Scuderia. It is a mutli-function system on the steering wheel of the car which optimizes the setting and performance of a vehicle. Men probably love its ability to set the controls to sport mode. Therefore, they can enjoy perfect responses that will boost their confidence. Through this awesome gadget, men can be able to unleash everything that a Scuderia has.

These are just few of the most favourable car gadget of men. Find out more of men’s unexpected desire for technology and car entertainment systemwhich are to be featured on the next blog post. You’ll be probably surprised to know.


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