Are you a good influencer?

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How would you classify someone's behavior? Or How you can better infuence people? There are great resources or tools that will help you to analyze someone. Experts would say that you can even read other people's mind by interpreting body language or analyzing their eye movement. Theoretically, "human needs psychology" by Tony Robbins. We all know that we share the same needs as we would like to give influence on how we value each other.

If you're asking why am talking about human behavior and influence on my blog? This morning, I participated on a free webinar Become a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur in 3 Months sponsored by Digital Filipino. Thinking of how you can be successful in adapting the latest technology and its influence to the society? As an online markerter for four years (to five years!), I noticed the huge development of the Internet as a medium of communications, marketing and also developing one's behavior.

Here are the six human needs from Robbin's Theory:

1.Certainty. The need for stability, security, comfort, and to feel confident you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.
2.Uncertainty/variety. The need for change, new stimuli, and for the unknown.
3.Significance. The need to feel important, special, unique, or needed.
4.Love/connection. The need to belong and to feel closeness with someone or something.
5.Growth. The need to expand, learn, and grow.
6.Contribution. The need to give beyond oneself and to support others.

Above six are very much related on how we are dealing with different people online. To sum up, I still believe in one program local TV's campaign - Think Before you Click. Anything we do or would like to post online is somehow a reflection of our feelings. Social Media is one great tool to learn, grow and expand our horizons. As you blog, your opinions are likely to be heard by anyone.
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