DIY: Planning a summer fun pool party

Make your pool party one of the best activity this summer!

Begin to set the date and look for a pool venue. It can be a few driving hours away from Manila or rent a private pool nearby. You don't need to travel to Hawaii to experience "Luau" party; Have your guests attend your pool party in brightly colored summer outfits. Have a tropical accent in every places of the venue or ask the caretaker to redecorate the area with pool accessories, rattan lounge chairs and floral arrangement.

Trouble in sending invitations? For upcoming events, you may use Facebook Event Page and start customizing it. Select your friends you would like to join and fill in the details: WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW. Make sure they RSVP ahead of time. Calculate the accumulated expenses and ask them to contribute: foods, drinks, or venue rentals.

If you are bringing kids, make sure you prepare summer games like tossing, water balloon games, treasure hunts or any kind of water sporting activities.

Don't forget to play some party tunes and keep the energy going. Pick a music theme and compile it; make sure you have a back up plan for your entertainment system. Why not rent the videoke machine to enjoy singing under the sun?

Summer is really fun. This is the best time to organize different outdoor activities to spend with your family, co-workers, and friends. Value the summer memories you have together. Either make an original, entertaining pool party and I'm sure it will be memorable.


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