Top 10 Useful Car Gadgets For Men - Part 2

Finally, after tackling about men’s top 5 most favourable car gadgets, here are some more of the gadgets that that they prefer to have in their cars as they drive around the city. Women would definitely be surprised upon knowing men’s top choice gadgets.

Are you ready to know more about men’s unexpected desire in technology and car entertainment system gadgets? You may begin to explore from the list below:

Naim Audio System

You’ll find this amazing gadget in Bentley Azure. Men usually appreciate audio and more. This car entertainment system package currently stands as the most powerful audio system to be suited as original equipment in a car. It can perform up to 1,100 watts with a 13.2 channel amplifier, 11 speakers and 2 sub-speakers.

SI Drive

This can be found in Subaru. Aside from overachieving all-wheel drive standard on its vehicles, Subaru has its unique system that allows its owner to set different response patterns for your accelerator and transmission. In fact, it is a multimode system for 6-cylinder and turbocharged Legacy and Outback models. Men enjoy their option of having a smoother and more fuel-efficient operation.

Night Vision

This great car technology concept was recently adapted by BMW 5-Series. However, this BMWs latest version of said gadget is perfectly refined. Through a front-mounted infrared camera, said night vision gadget can display people, animals or whatever that it is that is blocking your way over 300 yards ahead.

Personal Car Communicator

This is present in Volvo S80. This gadget is usually reserved for luxury cars. This is a very unique and useful car gadget which can even save your life. This one of a kind gadget has a heartbeat sensor built into the Personal Car Communicator keyless drive fob. It enables men to be fully aware of the dangers around, making them feel more confident.


All General Motors models have this useful gadget. Aside from being too reliable for its turn-by-turn navigation and hands-free calling, this gadget has an impressive ability to track vehicle diagnostics. Such gadget can be activated automatically once a crash and even remotely slow stolen to crawl if conditions permit.

It might be hard to understand why such car technology and latest car entertainment systems are loved and desired by men. But one thing is for sure, men love to be cool and confident at all times. Therefore, in return they also want their car gadgets to be the same way as they are.
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