British Classical Pop Quartet Blake promotes new album, Together

Blake, sold more than 1 million album sales and now the most exciting pop-classical bands in the world. Members are Ollie Baines, Humprhey Berney, stephen Bowman and Jules Knight. The group toured around to promote their album in Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, Canada, and the USA. Last week, Filipino fans were happy to see the band performed live. The album, Together has their most versions of romantic songs.
Together boasts of having an interesting mix of traditional songs and more modern pop tracks, carefully chosen to further highlight the immense talent of the group. It includes U2’s With or Without You, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, Elvis Costello’s She, among others.

The group considers their friendship, love for music, and same brand of humor as the secret to the success of their group.

Members of Blake admit being excited to perform for the Filipinos because of their love for romantic ditties.
When asked what song he wants to perform for their fans in the country, Humprey quips, “Up Where We Belong because it’s a great classic. I know you guys love to sing and you would know the words to this song.”
Blake is also considering doing collaborations with local talents soon.

Track List

1. With Or Without You (originally popularized by U2)

2. Bring Him Home (from Les Misérables)

3. Bridge Over Troubled Water (originally popularized by Simon & Garfunkel)

4. Abide With Me

5. La Califfa

6. She (popularized by Elvis Costello)

7. I Vow To Thee, My Country

8. She Was Beautiful (Cavatina)

9. Ave Maria

10. Nessun Dorma

11. Unsung Hero featuring Caroline Redman Lusher

12. Titans

13. When A Child Is Born

14. Here's To The Heroes (Band of Brothers Theme)

15. Voice Of An Angel
16. Beautiful Earth

17. All Of Me (Inspired by Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding)


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