Tulong Mindanao: Charity auction project with Wu Chun

I was browsing the net and found this very inspiring news. I wasn't aware that Wu Chun organised this auction for the help of Tulong Mindanao Charity Auction, and Bazaar, a fundraiser initiated by news daily The Brunei times. Organisers are auctioning “Thirty Minutes of Personal Gym Training Time with Wu Chun in Brunei” and “A Thirty-Minute One-on-One Basketball Session with Wu Chun in Brunei”.

Tulong Mindanao organisers in Brunei opened the bidding for these two auction lots on Thursday, April 5, 2012 via its Facebook fanpage http://facebook.com/TulongMindanao. Online bidding closes at 2pm (Brunei time) on Sunday, April 8, 2012.

By doing this, I am trying to educate people about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Sigh, the auction ended last Sunday.

Message from Wu Chun
(Sent via The Brunei Times newsroom)

Here are some of my thoughts for this charity auction.

Really appreciate MCYS (Brunei’s Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports), the Philippine Embassy and The Brunei Times because such charity event always becomes more influential when there are big names coming in and it’s such a blessing to see so many charity events coming up in Brunei.

I was influenced by my mother since I was young to help others and be involved in charity work. Right now, I want to use my own ability to influence more people to be involved in charity. Internationally, I do such projects with my fans and in Brunei, I try to get Fitness Zone involved in more charity and community projects with a big help from my very supportive members.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be cash contributions. As long as you have the heart and desire to help others, a word of mouth action can be very influential too. I always tell my fans not to give me presents even during my birthday and advised them if they really want to buy me presents, the best gifts will be a charity donation receipt or a certificate of their involvement in charity work.

It’s just a two-day auction and a total of close to BND10,000 for two 30-minute workout sessions with me is just too expensive! I really feel guilty but at the same time I’m hoping that this amount can really help those in need in the Philippines.

With the help of my knowledge on health, nutrition and fitness, I am going to make use of these 30-minute sessions to try and change the life of the persons who have made the donation worthwhile because I always believe prevention is CHEAPER than cure.



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