My Life Seminar Experience

This is not an ordinary weekend activity! A rare opportunity for me to learn more about practical guides to healthy living and body cleansing.

Upon arriving at Prestige Tower, we were welcome for a free wellness check - our weight, body fat and metabolic age were calculated (the results was explained afterwards). and the program started with a prayer and a warm up exercise.

Educate yourself
Our busy schedule is not definitely an excuse for us to educate ourselves and get to know more about your health and improve your daily living. Learn to focus on the details, pay attention to each details and apply what you've learn.

When we are looking for something, we would like to gather relevant information mostly when it comes to your 'health;' Books are just there but we are wasting our time reading irrelevant facts. why not consider attending a 'seminar' (like this) and expand your horizons (with less worries on some details).

I admit, i rarely go out to exercise. I was planning to 'swim' or 'walk/run' if time permits. We don't need a fitness guru and spend thousands of money to exercise. There were other materials that you can use whether at home, office or outside the village. Exercise can improve your mood and stamina. Let's get moving!

Time to change your Lifestyle
Are you ready to change from 'midnight snack person' to 'a health wise  converter'? if yes, then, start with by little changes and moderation.

An excerpt from "Simple Changes, Big Rewards: A practical guide for easy and healthy living" which we can enhance our life through simple changes in our daily habits.

It's not always easy, but it is always critical 

If you are planning to start with cleansing, you maybe interested on cleansing your colon. As the expert said, this is where it all begins!
With a clean colon, you can better clean up the rest!

Here's what I've learned from the seminar:

  • Learn the importance of doing a regular colon cleansing

  • You'll see what can happen to your colon if you don't cleanse it

  • How a bad colon can lead to other diseases

  • How to properly do the program for maximum cleansing and slimming effect

  • You'll hear from other people who already did the So easy Colon Cleanse

You may read the entire details here:

I will let you know once I've started the 'so easy' program. I still need to focus :)

Special thanks to Easy Pha-max for the invitation :) I am a converted wheat grass drinker for 3 months!

Visit their page,




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