Alfred Vargas' crusade helping Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

We've seen him on Television (in some drama series) until I met him personally and shared his personal crusade helping Persons with Disabilities.

Councilor Alfred Vargas had this opportunity to become 'the voice' of Persons with Disabilities. As he works as the city official (councilor) of Quezon City, He knew that there were limited social services for PWD and On his experience how he felt seeing people on wheelchairs, being reprimanded to enter the building because there is no easy entry and exit points for wheelchair-bound customers. Even he saw office buildings and malls of not having a decent ramp for persons with disabilities. And being turned away from restaurants, buses and cabs. Even NO ACCESS for people who couldn't walk on their own.

Though he expressed, giving wheelchairs to his constituents were not enough and Councilor Vargas decided to bring the fight to the entire Metro Manila. The Struggle of the PWD in Quezon city is the same as the struggle of his counterpart in Makati, Pasig, and Mandaluyong. With this initiative, Councilor Vargas would like to make a different in the lives of PWDs.


[caption id="attachment_2443" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Akap Pinoy's Freedom Walk June 2011"][/caption]

Spreading the awareness through online would encourage everyone to become the voice of our beloved PWD brothers and sisters who cannot speak for their rights. Let us help the campaign by visiting the official website, share this blog post, or post your suggestions on how (us individuals) can help Councilor Vargas to support for more wheelchairs and aid for the PWD Community.

You may visit the official website at


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