Easy Pha-max: Running your own 5K biz Online Blogging Contest

Hi Friends, Easy Pha-max sent this blogging contest for everyone.
For other questions and inquiries about the contest, you may contact Easy Pha-max' through their official website at http://www.wheatgrasscan.com/ or at https://www.facebook.com/EPPIwheatgrass

Calling all amateur and professional bloggers
Turn your flair for writing to cash!
Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc. (EPPI), the country's leading wheatgrass distributor, is holding Running your own 5K biz Online Blogging Contest from Sept. 25- Oct. 25 with the theme, "Why I Should be an EL Member." The contest is open to all amateur and professional bloggers.

Prizes at stake:
1st- P10k
2nd- P5k
3rd- P4k
4th- P3k
5th- P2k

Announcement of winners is on Nov. 4, 2011.

1. The contest is open to all amateur and professional bloggers
2. Bloggers will be invited to attend the Easy Livelihood Program on four successive Saturdays on Sept 24, Oct 1, 8 and 15. Slot reservation is required.
3. Each blogger will publish a post (not more than 500 words) in their blog regarding the new EL program
4. Theme of the contest: Why I should be an EL Member.

Focus on one of these two topics:
A. Give just one benefit that you'll gain from being an EL Micro-entrepreneur aside and explain how it will help you increase your projected earnings
B. Choose one EPPI product and feature it in your blog. Write how will you sell it or how will you influence your family, friends, or readers to buy this product

Entry should stick to the theme and the blogger's knowledge/understanding of the EL program study.
Contestants are allowed to use a maximum 5 photos only. Photos should also be relevant to the topic

5. Contestants are required to fill out the online registration form in order to join the contest
To register, visit www.wheatgrasscan.com, look for the contest link, fill out the require fields, and provide the link to your blog

6. The entry must be published in their respective blogs on or before 25 October. Blogger must have registered his entry on Easy Pha-max company website on or before 25 October

7. Contest closes at 5pm, 25 October

8. All entries will be judged on this criteria:

50 pts - relevance (adhere to the theme)
30 pts - quality (includes writing style/ability to discuss the theme clearly and effectively for readers to understand the easy livelihood program easily)
15 pts - creativity (includes choice of words and over-all layout of the entry)
5 pts - technicality (should be written in english. use of Filipino and/or dialects must be provided with English translations enclosed in parenthesis, word limit, and number of photos to be used in the entry

Total: 100 pts

9. Five winners will be chosen by a panel of judges composed of writers and bloggers

10. Annoucement of winners on 4 November 2011 on Wheatgras CAN Facebook fan page.

11. Judges' decisions are final and binding

12. By participating, you are giving Easy Pha-max the right to use your blog in any of our marketing promotions including announcing the winners for publicity purposes.



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