My Memories Suite: A Digital Scrapbooking Software

Someone I've met through Facebook gave me this wonderful digital scrapbooking software. At first, I couldn't believe that this was true because we all knew that there were scam softwares or malwares and we should be careful in dealing with other people. My online friend sent the email twice to confirm if I would like to try "My Memories Suite" and an instruction was also included on the email.

I've checked online and entered the code he gave, downloaded the software and installed it on my laptop. It was perfect and ready to use!

My Memories Suite is one of the most powerful digital scrapbooking software available today. It has a wide selection of creative tools, features, templates, and what I like most is that you can able to export the files into jpeg!
The software also received a recognition by Amazon as #1 (Gold Award) by Top Ten Reviews for Digital Scrapbooking Software.


With its high quality, fast and customed features - You'll love adding textures, objects, imagges with its newly and updated built-in templates provided for free and priced design templates located on its official website,

As we collect our photos, one way of preserving the memories is through Scrapbooking. As the years go by and memories slowly fading, we knew that we would love to reminisce and treasure each moments with our children, family and friends.

I also tried the both traditional and digital scrapbooking wishing to keep my "glamour moments" forever.


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