Chana and FAW: Because your business is our business

Chana, Faw Philippines Distributor - Focus Ventures inc
2007 Focus Ventures Inc was established
FVI is under the same management as Focus Global, Inc

Since its launch in the Philippines in 2008, Chana and FAW have gained loyal customers throughout the years.
With their long history of manufacturing vehicles in China along with its joint venture partnerships with automotive giants such as Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, Toyota, Audi and GM, Chana and FAW vehicles have proven their reliability and efficiency. Our vehicles functionality and affordability are the strengts of both brands (The Chana minivans and minitrucks and FAW trucks) and with these features, they serve as a great business solution to SME's and large scale companies.

Chana have been preferred brand of some entrepreneurs and franchises because of its unique product line up ranging from mini trucks, mini vans, small closed vans and ref vans. FAW, on the other hand, have been slowly penetrating local and international corporations in the Philippines. As the Number 1 Truck Manufacturer in China, our FAW trucks have already demonstrated its dependability to its users. Aside from that, maintenance cost for these vehicles are more affordable which in turn result to a higher ROI for these companies.

Above all, Focus ventures Inc provides absolute customer satisfaction, tailor-fitting its service for the different needs of our clients. It has established dealers and service centers nationwide to reach more customers. Chana and FAW vehicles would make the perfect business partners because we make your business our business.

For more inquiries, visit the nearest Chana and FAW dealer today or visit.

Chana was presented at Blogapalooza last September 2011.


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