Urban Chronicles: Pre Holiday Collection from MEMO

A chic make over, that is turning old into something new which MEMO launches its pre-holiday collection in Urban Chronicles.

Inspired from today's working lifestyle by professionals, a modern landscape that made each personality incorporating into a smart layering, color-blocking and sartorial touches.

Urban Chronicles revolves around how the city is this huge living entity that pulses with activity. With so many things going on at any given time, the city also presents different faces to the people who live in it - and these individuals, in turn, have a variety of stories to tell. MEMO is delving deep into these tales while providing contemporary work wear that fit into every story's setting.

The collection is composed of primary work wear items that experimented with outer pieces and separates that works perfectly on their own and when worn together. Function and ease of movement were key considerations as each was designed to fit various categories - including weather, occasion, and type of work.

As the country's authority on fashionable contemporary work wear, MEMO provies versatile boardroom staples that are spot on in terms of global trends, via detailed, tailored, and functional renditions for the perfect put-together, business-appropriate finish.

Overall, MEMO helps young working professionals exude style, status and success through their work wear choices. By offering wearable pieces that remain globally-attuned to the capriciousness of the city and the every-chaning trends of fashion seasons, MEMO is giving today's young professionals a reliable business wardrobe that can accompany them as they make their way up the corporate ladder.

For store locations and more information about the brand and collection, visit www.memofashion.com

Facebook, www.facebook.com/memofashion and follow at www.twitter.com/memo_fashion

MEMO was also presented at Blogapalooza last September 2011.


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