Hotel Sofitel : A New Home away from Home

If you are planning to take a vacation trip and yet grown tired of the generic services a chain hotel brings, you might try to stay in Hotel Sofitel. Although this kind of hotel popularly emerged as the most liked guest accommodation all over the world, no one exactly knows what is the real meaning of “luxury hotel” and the benefits of staying in it.

Luxury  hotels make your stay more enjoyable by providing great amenities and features that are unique compared to regular hotels. This type of hotel typically offers a more intimate and  luxurious environment. Luxury hotels, also called as “lifestyle hotels”, differentiates itself from the standard by offering guestrooms that have coordinated furniture, wallpapers, distinct style and decor, and rooms with quality artworks.

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Luxury hotels are indeed becoming more and more of a social manipulation these days. It is assumed that those who do not stay in this kind of hotel are categorized as unfashionable and non-hip.

A Luxury hotel's first good quality is none other than its size. Luxury hotels are believed to have not more than 100 rooms – with services from customizing the breakfasts you get in the morning to free laundry.

For Luxury hotels, the term “atmosphere” comprise of the ambiance, decors, and the hotel staff's personalized services. An atmosphere filled with sense of intimacy is a must-have factor for Luxury hotels, without  it, it cannot be called a Luxury hotel.

Having a unique theme is probably an important factor and with time it is gaining more and more importance. Themes can be described as the original artwork pieces in lobbies, designer equipments in bathrooms, complimentary wine and champagne, and the guest's favorite CD collection.

The location of your Luxury hotel can make or break your vacation. Most hotels are located in public transit stations, places with great spots and scenic attractions, or anywhere with better views.

With a premium on-service, amenities, and atmosphere, price is just one way that boutique hotels can add value to a vacation.

Some of the amenities and services offered by the hotels may include: On-site dining facilities, Bars and lounges, Wi-Fi Internet, 24-hour hotel staff, Pet-friendly services, Flat screened TVs, Grocery shopping, Spa services, private wine reserves, and rain shower heads.

Luxury hotels bring certain benefits in terms of great amenities and qualities. With all the factors provided above, it is assumed that a boutique hotel can make every guests feel happy and contented during their stay. Thus, if you’re tired of the boring hotel rooms, try Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and you just might find your love for travel renewed.

visit Sofitel Philippines official website

Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is located at CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard , Pasay City , 1300 MANILA,  PHILIPPINES


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