Steve Jobs Day Philippines - October 14

GeiserMaclang pays tribute to Steve Jobs and remembers our 'cult of Apple' campaign. Each Filipinos were inspired and admit it or not, 'the apple' thingy taught us on how to become more innovative and efficient on our endeavors throught the use of different gadgets like macbook or Ipads.

Microwarehouse, which is the exclusive distributor of Apple innovations in the Philippines -- brought us and introduced 'the cult of apple' ... This is how We (Filipinos) admired and started to accept the changes that happened around us, And thanking Steve Jobs for his generosity of sharing his knowledge to all users.

Steve Jobs Day Philippines was held at the Rockwell Tent, an event to honor and thank Steve Jobs for EVERYTHING. A night of testimonials, meeting all apple enthusiasts, music, trivias and a lot more. Plus I've got a chance to see the generations of mac from classic ones to the latest edition.


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