Feiyue: Euro Footwear Icon, Steps into the Philippines

Started setting up in Asia in 2010, Feiyue was first launched in Singapore. Today, the Euro Footwear Icon's goal to strengthen and widened its distribution in Asia. In the Philippines, a wide collection of growing high-design sneakers is now available on selected Shoe Salon in Metro Manila.

Feiyue, which literally means "Flying Forward" in Chinese made waves in 2006 when it was later acquired by a French team of sneaker enthusiasts who then sent it through a series of improvements in both quality and design. Without losing any of its authentic vintage charm, these changes transformed Feiyue into the innovative and trendy brand it is today - and more than ever, Feiyue is ready to conquer new markets.

Feiyue sneakers have jumped beyond the French trendsetters and are now being sold in more than 20 countries and centering on Asia and Philippines' hip and fashion-forward youth.

Aiming to create an accessible fashionable product, Feiyu developed an inspired partnerships that are in tune with its creative DNA and core values.

For its new communication campaign for 2011. Shape translates to silhouettes that is a dream-like universe crafted by a very talented duo. A new horizons making it as the third chapter of a journery that began with previous campaigns "Circles" and "Neon and Birds".

Combining the surreal creations of Le Creation Sweatshop and the keen eyes of photographer Estelle Rancurel, Feiyue transports us to a completely imaginary universe with “Shapes”.

Feiyue finds inspiration through its many travels. Since 2006, the French brand Feiyue has been growing and exploring new lands, in harmony with its values.

Without losing any of its authentic vintage charm, this lightweight canvas shoe from Shanghai then underwent a series of
transformations. Its codes gradually evolved, combining with French and international influences. The brand is now preparing to conquer new markets.

Fascinated by urban art, music and travel, the team intuitively follows its day-to-day fancies to enhance the Feiyue range, following no specifications on trends or other preliminary studies.

Memories, images, impressions and moods, picked up along their travels, permanently mesh and enhance the brand's identity. This philosophy of opening up the mind to the world at large and researching new models is a source of inspiration for all the diverse, eclectic creations, of both the shoes themselves and their visual enhancement


The Feiyue Lo is the original member of the family with its classic vintage styling & distinctive chevron stripes. These days, there are a variety to choose from, so finding a pair to match your get-up is easy.

It’s back to basics with the Feiyue Vintage Series, combining a white canvas base with bold, single tone detailing. Step out in style with authenticity and simplicity


What’s more, we’ve changed the rubber toe bumper using canvas or leather (depending on the model), making the shoe more slender and lighter. With a colour to match every mood, it makes sense to have a few pairs in your wardrobe.

The Feiyue Plain II Series champions purity and elegance, with a striking combination of suede and canvas. Drawing on the simplicity of the original Feiyue Plain model, the Plain II utilizes a thicker canvas for added durability and comfort. The perfect sneaker for dressing up, or down.

The Feiyue Delta Series blends the 10N28E and our classic low cut, resulting in a super stylish mid cut shoe that comes in a great range of colourways and finishes. With its name taken from the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, the Feiyue Delta is also the fourth original model in the Feiyue range.


The A.S (Association Sportive) is the latest and 5th model by Feiyue to date. Inspired by "indoor" sports from the 90's, the A.S lands on a retro ground!

Inspired by the style of military desert boots, the Feiyue Velt establishes a new direction for the brand’s upcoming models. This inimitable silhouette combines a bi-material canvas and grained leather upper with a brogue construction technique and a detachable collar belt.

The Ladakh stands out for its masculine style inspired by both urban and outdoor worlds. With trekking eyelets and a foamed collar, the Ladakh is stylish and comfortable at the same time. The black leather upper is composed of buffalo leather patterns. The red lining gives it a bright while discrete touch.


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