BPI Family Auto Loans' - Free 1 YEAR Insurance Online Promo

Another breakthrough from BPI as the bank celebrates its 160th anniversary. BPI Family Auto Loan brings back its FREE one YEAR insurance with ACTS OF NATURE COVERAGE Promo.

The cost of comprehensive insurance involves a potential substantial amount of money. This is on top of the downpayment and other fees that an auto loan client has to shoulder. With BPI Family's FREE Insurance promo, the borrower is relieved of having to fork out more money for insurance protection. That also translates to big savings for a customer and he can use the money elsewhere.

For utmost convenience, clients may log on to www.bpiloans.com to apply. The website enables clients to navigate and explore the car of their choice. An exciting feature of the webste is the Car Buyer's Guide. It allows visitors to compare various car models side by side - from engine size to cylinders and market price. Visitors may also check out available car models based on price range, classification and engine displacement. The Car Buyer's Guide can help clients choose the right car that fits their taste and budget.

In addition, the site features an auto loan calculator that enables potential buyers to determine their downpayment, terms and monthly amortization.

Promo mechanics are:

1. Auto Loan Real Thrills with Free Insurance is open to all clients who apply, get approved and avail of BPI Family Auto Loan through www.bpiloans.com or through any BPI/BPI Family Bank branch and partner auto dealers from October 01 - November 15, 2011.

2. All borrowers with a minimum amount financed of Ps 650,000 and a minimum term of 36 months will be eligible for the FREE comprehensive motor insurance with ACTS OF NATURE Coverage.

3. Clients must agree to renew auto insurance coverage with BPI/MS Insurance Corporation for the entire term loan.

4. Only auto loan applications received and approved from October 1 to November 15, 2011 will be considered.

5.  Units must be delivered by December  01, 2011

6. Units must be brand new and for private use only

7. Accounts of all BPI Unibank Employees are disqualified.

8. In case of dispute, the BPI Family Auto Loan Business Head's decision will be deemed final.

9. These terms and conditions are subject to any relevant law, government, direction and regulation. The promotion will be void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Per DTI NCR Permit No. 8618. Series of 2011.




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