Red Box's Rock, Dine and Roll: Redifining Entertainment

Looking for the most convenient place to relax or somewhere that you can gather your friends and family?  Or thinking of where you can find the perfect destination that matches your taste in music, food and a pretty good ambiance? Simply describes as one of the most sophisticated, high-gloss and city's premiere entertainment destination - Red Box; offers the finest and most sought destination for audio perfection and dining satisfaction - a total experience for all who would love superior quality on both music, food and service.


Quoting from The Managing Director of Red Box; Walden Chu He said:

"To enjoy music means you have to have the total experience. Audiophile or not, Red Box makes a concerted effort to give an exceptional selection of music with superior quality, which you can enjoy with gourmet menu and drink selections as you unwind in our carefully interior decorated rooms."

Red Box was launched for the music lovers in 2003, had been recognized as one of the leading music hubs in the city, But perhaps a closer look may serve to explain the draw that it has for audiophiles.

Notice the Red Box's interiors and it is well equipped with high standard sound system down to the walls, which have been designed to acoustically guarantee a better sound experience. And their equipment, which uses state of the art technology, is complemented by what could arguably be the most extensive music collection in the metro.

As if that wasn't enough, Red Box also gives customers a range of other recreational options that include free and high speed Wi-Fi access, a pool and poker table and option to use in-house gaming consoles.

What made it interesting is that - Red Box is a licensee of the Filipino Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP). This non-profit organization enforces the public performance right communication to the public right granted by law to copyright owners of musical works.

"Our existence music collection and sound-engineered rooms made us the top-of-mind entertainment spot among Filipinos. This is why we believe that is just right to give back to the industry which is the main reason why Red Box has gotten this far - the music industry - and the people behind it," added by Chu

When Music Becomes a Lifestyle

"Red Box's bring people together, its interactive and Red Box seeks to find ways to bolster this experience"

No doubt, Red Box offers an enjoyable menu from the widest selection of Asian, Italian, and Western fares and creatively mixed-drinks that could very well blend to your chosen dining combination.

Enjoy Red Box gourmet menu, a platter of nachos or a plate of crispy pata that matches well with Red Box's shooters or signature K-tinis.

Why not try to ask for the Red Box Sushi Samba on your next visit and you'll be treated to 12 sumptuous recipes creatively and appropriately named after top musical hits.


My ultimate Red Box Experience

I could still remember when my friends celebrated their birthdays, gatherings and just for fun - we always would love to hang out at Red Box (Greenbelt or in Trinoma); Now, with the wide range of selection of menus, songs, and even become more affordable during off peak hours - I will still recommend this place to hang out with your family, friends and colleagues.

Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll is open from Mondays to Saturdays. For inquiries and reservations please dial 7576188 (Greenbelt), 3557921 (Eastwood), (032) 4171675 (Cebu) and Red Box Star 9018833 (Trinoma). For other announcements, visit and like the Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll official Facebook page at





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