Hello Kitty New Collection from Pynkiss

Not just ordinary Hello Kitty tees for kids but also you too can have this Italian inspired shirts, dresses, denims, tracksuits and accessories at Pynkiss - a new Italian label that launches a new and pure miss Kitty designs.

Pynkiss has interactive website, http://pynkissworld.com wherein you can virtually play with Hello Kitty to visit each stores like cafe, shops, and download cool wallpapers, screensavers and listen to the theme music online. There were four stores: Japan, Philippines, Lebanon, UAE and Kuwait. For the Philippines, you can actually visit T&F International Enterprises located at F-134 Forbestow Center, Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacion, Taguig City.


Pynkiss is an aspirational high end lifeatyle brand offering designer fashions to babies and children, teens and women. Aimed to the high quality-conscious, cosmopolitan, label-loving fashionistas, Pynkiss is a genuine member of the Hello Kitty family of brands. With a unique, one-off license from the Hello Kitty creators Pynkiss produces high quality and elegant designs in clothing, accessories, shoes and luggage - a total look for all age groups.

(source: http://pynkissworld.com/#/about)

screencaps credits to the website, http://pynkissworld.com

Facebook Page at  https://www.facebook.com/pynkiss


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