City Kart Racing's 1st Blogger's Blaze Fun Cup 2011

Practice makes perfect. There's always room for improvement. I never tried driving or go-karting until last Saturday, we went to City Kart Racing located in the parking lot of Park Square (1) - Seventh floor. Yes, you need to take an elevator to reach the venue. Its the first indoor kart-racing that has been introduced to the Philippines. At first I was really scared, I didn't had the chance to practice but I could still have the perseverance to drive. I arrived late at the venue, blame it on the 'Mall Sale' happened on my way to Makati. The traffic was really bad on that weekend and I woke up late :) haha.

Okay, at first I was introduced to the management of City Kart - Jean-Marc Freihuber and had a chance to learn some techniques in kart racing. We were about to start with the fun race and all bloggers were divided into group. A friend of mine also tried to orient me on some things that I must learn before I race.

The meaning of flags. Yellow means someone is ahead and should take caution, blue on the other hand means I must give way because someone faster is running behind me.I also learned that I must not step on both pedals (gas and brake) or else I'll lose the breaks. And I feared of taking curves, and it is getting sharper and I must focus on the track.

We need to change drivers every 10 minutes, and a red flag was raised. Finally, a checkered flag was waving - that means the race is finished.


It was a rewarding experience and I highly recommend everyone to try kart racing with your family and friends. What made it unique is their apps that once you've registered online through the integration of your facebook account, you'll able to see your standing and get the latest updates on what's happening on City Kart Racing.

Their official website, looks pretty neat and the navigation is very smooth. Just browse on the current standing and check on the pages of the latest events and announcement. It has also a real time update wherein you can check the all-time kart racing standing.

For the rates and inquiries, do check out its website at

Congratulations to the winners of City Kart Racing's 1st Blogger's Blaze Fun Cup 2011

Introduced in the Philippines in 2006 by Jean-Marc Freihuber, former French professional racer with 15 years of experience with kart track management in Europe and 4 years in the Philippines

CKR's focus is to provide:
1. A starting point for a professional career in racing, beginners can attend karting clinics with invaluable instructions coming from a professional racer.
2. An arrive-and-drive facility, enthusiasts do not need to invest on expensive equipment (race suits, helmets, karts); all of these are provided for.
3. A unique venue for events (corporate events, special occasions/celebrations) where the objective is to have a memorable, exhilarating and distinctive experience.

CKR has a team of trained professionals from a varied field of disciplines including track marshals, receptionists, event managers, kart mechanics - all working together to make sure that you leave the track not just happy with the experience of karting but also with the satisfaction that your event's objectives have been met and with the satisfaction that you likely made new friends ... racing friends.


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