Grand Opening of Angel's Pizza at Granada Street in Quezon City

When we say Italian cuisines, we're definitely talking about pizza. Nine out of ten people are thinking of pizza when they want to go out for Italian. Perhaps many countries own various national dishes, but only few of them become an international all-time favorite. For Italy, they have two popular dishes: pasta and of course pizza.

Pizza didn't actually started in Italy, it began in the Middle East where pieces of flat bread were used to hold toppings or seasoned oil and eaten without using any plates or tableware. The Greeks called this early pizza plankuntos and it was basically used as an edible plate when eating stews or thick broth. It was not yet what we would call pizza today. There are numerous well-known varieties of pizza in Italy, but the Pizza Margherita have set the standard.

Today, a new branch of heavenly sent - Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo is born! Don't forget to visit Granada Street in Quezon City. That's near the intersection of going to Greenhills-San Juan/Along Gilmore-N.Domingo (few blocks away from JT Manukan). As for the opening treat, Buy Big Family Pizza and get Family Pizza for Free (choose from Pepperoni, Aloha, Bacon and Cheese) or Buy Big Family Pizza and get 2 liters of Cebri Calamansi Juice for free (I believe that this is the only branch that offers Cebri Calamansi Juice). or 6 cups of 6 oz Ice cream (the owner has its own ice cream station at Granada branch!).

The Grand Opening was first started with a Motorcade, together with the crews and staffs of Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo of different branches. Followed by a blessing and a mini program. Media guests were privilege to taste its very own pizza and chicken meal. We also tried Cebri and its really good for your health. It was said that Cebri is distributed for call center (BPO companies) and the owner of Granada branch also decided to offer it together with their own Ice Cream Parlor.

This is I think one of the biggest branch of Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo in Metro Manila. I had visited other branches in Ortigas/Pasig and Makati.

Check out other promos on their Facebook at or visit the website at

To order, call 922-2222


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