And My List Of Emerging Influential Blogs Are...

Coming up with a blog site is definitely a must for anyone who want to make it big in the online business world. However, building your website doesn't end with learning the basics. In fact, you need to think beyond that in order to come up with a really successful site.

The very first thing that you need to know is the latest trends in the internet scene. Since the internet is an everchanging place, the current fads today can quickly become standard or even be obsolete the next day. Thus, you need to be a step ahead and be familiar with the emerging ones. Regularly reading online news and articles will help you in getting all of this.

And of course, these would be pretty much useless if you, well, don't use them. Thus you also need to learn how to apply the latest developments to your site. And this doesn't mean simply knowing what is the latest and hottest trends around. You must also be able to choose which ones to add and which ones to not.

So what are those blog sites that captured my attention? Here is the list of my emerging influential blogs.

  • Primarily focuses on social media and a good venue for discovering techniques in blogging. As a blogger, we need to read more resources and try these techniques written by them. This one has been truly accommodating most specially to newbie bloggers.

  • What I like most on this blog is how it features the love for food and captured my attention to some local food featured on this blog. We all love to eat, but few can published and expressed themselves on how they love the food they ate.

  • Another blog that simply focuses on different things yet it captured the audience's interest through its simple layout yet full of details.

  • A definitely a must read blog, it features everything under the sun. But from its uniqueness and style, I guarantee that you'll love to bookmark this one. Feels like you're reading an online lifestyle magazine.

  • Whenever I would love to try something (food). I definitely search for the latest updates coming from this site. All concerns about foods were written and expressed in details. A plus factor that they were willing to help newbie food bloggers on how to feature their fave dishes online.

How do you know if the blogs were too influential?

1. It captures audience's attention
2. Stories were written for general information, it might be a personal opinion but somehow gave audience's knowledge on several things that has been discussed
3. A good blog site has a simple yet coordinated layout; though fancy templates look cute
4. Overall, readers kept coming back to the site to read and share their stories online.


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