Joie De Vivre: Joy of Living

A french term that literally translates as 'the joy of living.' Not only the joy of life, but also the joy of living: the active, energetic, enthusiastic engagement in the business of being alive.

How about you? Do you count yourself among those who find a deep pleasure in the very act of being alive?

Joie de vivre is not just being happy or cheerfulness. It is nor a way to avoid life's tougher lessons by covering the nasty bits in a thick frosting of denial and false cheer.

Hence, It is finding pleasure intrinsic with being alive no matter what the conditions. As of us found and realized that what we did everyday is just a simple things but rather how we enjoy the pleasure of spending the entire day with friends or family.


[caption id="attachment_1772" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dinner at Bizu"]Dinner at Bizu[/caption]

We  have experience our own sorrows and disappointment but we believe that Life; joie de vivre is not afraid of joy, and the risks of joy. Life is crucial but we know how we can simple live the pleasure.


Photos taken at the Bizu's Bloggers Night for Joie De Vivre Photo Contest

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