Black Eyed Peas: Blast From The Past

Let’s Get It Started In Here: The Beginning of the Black Eyed Peas

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The group’s history dates back to 1988 as William Adams aka will.iam and Allan Pineda aka forged friendship while in the eighth grade. The duo shared common interest in rapping and performing together in Los Angeles. They were signed on to Ruthless Records run by Eazy E with another friend, Dante Satiago, as a trio called  Atban Klann or ATBAN: A Tribe Beyond a Nation. Their first album Grass Roots was never released though because Eazy E has succumbed to AIDS in 1995.

The same year, Atban Klann renamed the group as Black Eyed Pods and a little later, Black Eyed Peas. Dante Santiago left the group and Jaime Gomez aka Taboo immediately replaced him. The Black Eyed Peas differs from most hip-hop acts as they prefer to perform with a live band and chose a style, musically and clothing-wise, severely different from what “Gangsta Rap” is known for around the Los Angeles hip-hop scene.

Interscope Records signed them and in 1998, they released their debut album, Behind The Front, earning critical acclaim. In 2000, they released their second album, Bridging the Gap, which featured Macy Gray on the song, Request Line.

The third album, Elephunk, took two years to finish. The group started development in 2001 and finished in 2003, featuring the voice of their latest member, Fergie. Originally, it was Nicole Scherzinger (now lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls) that they approached first but declined because she is under contract as a member of a then-girlband called Eden’s Crush. Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson was introduced by former bandmate Dante Santiago to the group in 2002. It was the addition of Fergie that changed the sound and style of the group.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

There’s no Monkey Business here.

The BEP Energy Never Dies.

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